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Experience the Revolutionary

Una Mattress™

We love the mattress-in-a-box revolution. And we’ve been making natural mattresses for over 30 years. So we began to wonder: Could we bring healthy, organic mattresses to more people? Could we give them a blissfully comfortable sleep that’s good for the planet too? This is how we answered those questions – and more – to create the perfect, organic Una Mattress™…

How can we make our mattress healthy and safe?

We banished the toxic-smelling petrochemicals and industrial glues you’ll find in synthetic mattresses. We make every Una Mattress™ from 100% organic cottonwool and latex, so you can breathe deep and easy, right from the first night.

What would make it Super Comfy?

Our brainwave was to design three comfy layers of organic latex foam: one firm, one medium, one soft. And each layer has 7 zones engineered to give you perfect support. You simply arrange the layers in the order that gives you the deepest, customised sleep. Genius.

What other Cool things can We Do?

The finishing touch was to design a cover for Una Mattress™ made from 100% organic cotton and wool. The cotton stops you getting hot and bothered while the wool wicks moisture away without feeling damp.

Will it be good for the Planet?

To make sure, we went to Sri Lanka and India to source latex from groves of sustainably grown Hevea trees – and our cotton and wool had to be sustainable too. Saying ‘no’ to chemicals also kept our environmental footprint squeaky clean.

Will it be Affordable?

Our dream was to help more people sleep organic. We worked out that skipping the middlemen and creating an organic bed in a box would help that dream come true – for around half the price of similar organic mattresses. Offering 12 months interest-free credit helps too.

Can we add Temperature Control?

We knew people often overheat on synthetic memory foam mattresses. We also knew our all-natural latex would solve that problem because it lets your body breathe.

What about the people making Una Mattress™?

We wanted you to feel comfortable about that too. Each Una Mattress™ is Fair & Social Choice certified plus 5% of your order value is invested into a community project in India and the EU. You can even choose which project to support at the check-out.

How can we make trying Una easy?

Buying online seemed the natural answer. We deliver your organic Una Mattress™ quickly and give you 100 nights to try it out – with free returns and 100% money-back guarantee. Oh, and a 10-year warranty.

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